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“The Compendium, which I now present to the Universal Church, is a faithful and sure synthesis of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It contains, in concise form, all the essential and fundamental elements of the Church’s faith… I entrust this Compendium above all to the entire Church and, in particular, to every Christian, in order that it may awaken in the Church of the third millennium renewed zeal for evangelization and education in the faith, which ought to characterize every community in the Church and every Christian believer, regardless of age or nationality.”

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church

“Religious illiteracy has sunk to a new low. We urgently need an effective program of catechesis and religious education on all levels. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is only the first step in this revival, since the renewal it stands for cannot be implemented without the formation of a corps of trained catechists and the preparation of suitable materials for the religious education of different age-groups and constituencies.”

Avery Cardinal Dulles, “True and False Reform,” First Things 135:14-19 (Aug.-Sept. 2003), p. 8.

“I want a laity … who know their faith, who enter into it, who know just where they stand, who know what they hold and what they do not, who know their creed so well that they can give an account of it and who know enough of history to defend it. I want an intelligent well-instructed laity … And one immediate effect of your being able to do all this will be you gaining that proper confidence in self that is so necessary for you.”

Venerable Cardinal John Henry Newman, “The New Catechism and Cardinal Newman,” Communio XX/3, Fall 1993, 496-7.